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Free Meetups

regular meetups to help you become a better coder


1st Tuesday

If you want to actually ship, scale, or collaborate with a team, here's where you learn how.


1st Thursday

The most popular website management software on the web. This group caters to developers, designers, publishers, and DIYers.


2nd Monday

Have data, need stats? Use R.

UX Design

2nd Monday

This is a group for UX design practitioners and those interested in learning about design.

Demo Night

2nd Tuesday

Bring your favorite new project or product, give a quick demo, and finish with some light convo. Anyone can present, even kids!

Project Management

2nd Tuesday

As a project's complexity and team grows, managing the process becomes vital.

SQL Server

2nd Tuesday

If you're living in Microsoft's world, you'll want to keep up with SQL Server and related technologies.



2nd Tuesday

This webdev platform features its own IDE, markup language, scripting language, and tight integration with the Adobe ecosystem.


2nd Wednesday

An agenda-free meetup where you can share your latest project, talk about tools you're using, network, trade advice, or just chat about the web.

Marketing Hackers

2nd Wednesday, Bimonthly

A community dedicated to marketers and techies who want to become power users in marketing apps and services.


2nd Thursday

One of the most popular languages in the world with an incredibly rich ecosystem.

Free Code Camp

3rd Tuesday

Want to get started on learning development? Join us for the Lansing Free Code Camp meeting to start your development journey or just ask questions.


3rd Tuesday

When coding on the client, there's really only one choice; fortunately, it has one of the most thriving and innovative communities around.

Lansing Makers

3rd Tuesday

Diverse people and experiences coming together in a safe environment to meld technology, art, and culture in new and exciting ways.


3rd Thursday

One of the most popular ecosystems for enterprise web development, with tooling built and supported by Microsoft.

Code Retreat

3rd Saturday

Try, Practice, Learn. Enjoy a Saturday pairing on exercises to expand your collaborative coding skills.


4th Tuesday

It's easy to spin your wheels pounding at the keyboard, but a focus on process will make you orders of magnitude more effective.

Software Testing

4th Thursday

The last line of defense against bugs and poor design.

Beginner Resources

where to start if you're new to coding

Code Lab 517

Use professional tools and processes to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more. Get help from local mentors. No prior experience required. Visit the website to find out when the next lab will be and to apply.

Free Code Camp

A community that works to help people learn to code and gain experience contributing to open source projects used by non-profits. Learn to code by completing coding challenges and building projects. FreeCodeCamp is a donor supported non-profit and every aspect is 100% free.

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A2 Hosting

We have a blazing fast web hosting solution perfect for you! Whether you have a low traffic, brand new blog or a popular business site, we've got you covered!


The BrightDigit team brings over 15 years of experience in technology. Together they have a passion for mobile technology, public speaking, and education.

Humanity Codes

Humanity Codes uses code and education to bring together Lansing's talented and diverse tech community.


Hyperverses helps small and medium-sized businesses find the best buyers for their products and services with persuasive technology.

Kunz, Leigh, and Associates

Kunz, Leigh and Associates is a software development and professional services company currently serving the private and public sectors in Michigan and Ohio.


LEAP is a coalition of area leaders committed to building a prosperous and vibrant region where businesses can thrive.

RMC Agency

A Michigan based, full-service Information Technology (IT) Consulting and Placement agency.

SBDC Lansing

The Michigan Small Business Development Center offers expert assistance at no cost to entrepreneurs looking to start or grow a business.


Founded in 1987, TechSmith pioneered the revolutionary idea of capturing screen content for better communication. Today, TechSmith is the world’s #1 source for visual communication software.


Whether it’s transforming your business, building an all-star team or finding the right fit for your professional ambitions, we’re in it with you.

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